Nicole Ingalls 

Inevitable Decay

‚Äč‚ÄčThis body of work examines the inevitable decay of body, mind, and space.  

This work explores the control placed on nature and our bodies. In an industrialized capitalist system the control of nature and our bodies is created for the purpose of larger profits.

The various forms of control lead to a disconnection between nature and our bodies. We no longer view them as connected entities, but rather two separate units. In an industrialized food system this disconnection between people and nature allows nature to be viewed as units in an equation that can be manipulated and controlled for increased profits. Our bodies are part of this system, we eat the food and consume the products. Our bodies become another unit in the equation with the purpose of consuming more products to increase and maximize profits.

Conveyor of Control utilizes photography and sculpture to add to the discussion. The stark, white photograph creates a sterile, controlled, and industrialized space where the figures become units in a system rather than individuals. This element contrasts with the organic, natural elements present in the sculpture. The single photograph represents the industrialized system we are all part of. A system of control and about profit. The single sculpture represents balance, connectedness, and the natural world we are part of but have become separated from. 

Body Image

This series focuses on the body as form.